Hi there, and welcome on my website. As you might have guessed my name is Jeroen Reurings, I'm married, father of two daughters, living in the Netherlands. Furthermore I'm the proud owner of a very shy cat and 19 17 tropical fishes, and I'm a bad joke and Dunglish enthusiast.

Professionally I specialise in the development of reactive websites, web applications and games. I've worked on the back-end (PHP, Node.js, C# .NET) as well as on the front-end (HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript). Currently I mainly develop using the following technology stack: React, NodeJS (Server Side Rendering), Webpack, ES6 with Babel, Redux, Styled components, Storybook, Flow, Enzyme and Jest.

On this website I'll put up most of the projects I work on. This can range from professional website projects to hobby projects and prototypes. All and all this website should give you at least an inkling of what I've been doing in the past and what I'm up to these days.